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Coinbase is an American cryptocurrency exchange that occupies the second position in terms of trading volume in the world. It has been operating since 2012. The platform supports operations with 53 cryptocurrencies and three fiats (USD, EUR, GBP). Margin trading is available on the exchange with a maximum leverage of 1:3. For transactions, the site charges a commission of 0.05-0.5%. Coinbase is also implemented as a mobile application and a wallet for storing coins. The most popular cryptocurrencies on the exchange are BTC, ETH, FIL.

Coinbase — Review
3.9 based on 12 reviews

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  1. I am using Coinbase Wallet from the beginning of my crypto journey, every time If I found any issue or have queried their customer support gives a late reply. And their customer support representative cannot be intended to solve my issue, they are more products base rather than customer-centric. I found Coinbase is profit-centric, not a service-centric centralized exchange.

  2. I am using Coinbase Wallet to store and manage my crypto funds. Coinbase always protects my crypto assets from any hacking and scam.

  3. I wanted to start investing in cryptocurrency. Coinbase has been my first choice and it is not a bad one. But now getting a coinbase wallet has change my perception on getting more involved with cryptocurrency: trading or mining.

  4. I store and manage all my cryptocurrency assets in one place and trade, stack, and yield farming with a few clicks. They usually give me flexible saving rewards that last for 7 days which I like most.

  5. Coinbase software is always so user friendly designed, everyone can buy crypto from anywhere in the world. this is one of my best and user friendly software I use to buy and trade Cryptocurrency.

  6. I have had a great experience being a Newbie to crypto on this site. Being rewarded for taking the time to learn about different cryptos as well as blockchains, etc. is a plus plus and very unique to this site.

  7. I am using Coinbase Wallet for a long time and always prefer it when buying or trading cryptocurrency because of its simple and clean interface.

  8. It’s easy to get started and I like that they have a user-friendly interface that even my grandma could figure out. I like how I can use my wallet from different platforms like web and mobile app versions.

  9. Coinbase undoubtedly is the most Trusted,Secure, licensed & only Crypto exchange with its Stock listed at NASDAQ.. IMO Coinbase as an exchange is generally preferred by Large Institutions & Big whales for large Crypto deposits & trade.. Retail investors generally use Coinbase for Crypto wallets services as well as lending & rely less on trading due to its high trading fees..

  10. I lost a lot trading with a scam crypto broker that Intend to give a better profit in return. I lost my funds to this platform and I was terribly angry. I had to make a report to a crypto expert called Mrs Lisa Eric. After my report to her, I was able to recover $28,500 from them with the guidance of Lisa Eric a recovery expert. Reach out to Lisa for assistance into a better trade and how to recover from previous loses and avoid trade lose.
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