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eToro has been operating since 2007. The company has offices in several countries around the world. Supports trading in securities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, precious metals and other assets. Has licenses issued by the government of Cyprus and the UK. The minimum deposit with eToro is $200. Supports margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:30. The exchange has a social trading service.

eToroX — Review
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  1. Terrible and dishonest and complete market manipulation. Daylight robbery and thrives on our losses. Stay away when site reopens after ‘technical difficulties’ for more than 20 hours I will close all my open trades and leave the site for good

    • I lost a lot trading with a scam crypto broker that Intend to give a better profit in return. I lost my funds to this platform and I was terribly angry. I had to make a report to a crypto expert called Mrs Lisa Eric. After my report to her, I was able to recover $28,500 from them with the guidance of Lisa Eric a recovery expert. Reach out to Lisa for assistance into a better trade and how to recover from previous loses and avoid trade lose.
      WhatsApp + 8 4 94 7 6 7 1 5 2 4 .
      Mail address Lisa.Eric @

  2. If you’re seeing this you’ve probably been a victim of their dubious ways of scamming, trust me I’ve been in your shoes. It’s not too late cause I also gave up hope, but i ended up recovering my lost assets to them. If you need assistance my available email is Romanleykin04(at) outlook dot com.

  3. Very bad job I couldn’t believe anyone can help me with my case I didn’t even know what options to recover the money exist. my brother saw feedback on them re tu rn.p a g n k /o o f I finally could get proper professional help to recover my funds. don’t repeat my mistakes. I recommend them

  4. I lost all my staking’s and profit
    I lost all my staking’s and profit, and I really never expected to get it back but came through with an exceptional customer service and support
    And it turned out to be the most satisfactory experience I had

  5. I have been sending series of email since i couldn’t withdraw my money here, but i got the same response like an auto reply. All my trade capital was almost gone, if not for the professional help of Topazexpress.

  6. This company can’t seem to provide an honest service.
    Disgusting when customers struggling to survive are robbed of their money, all thanks to for the chance to recover my money.

  7. Please people watch out for this company. They won’t allow single women to trade on their platform. I was a platinum member and they deleted my account instantly. I lost a lot of money on them. Now the police in the Netherlands is building a case over them for discrimination. I wouldn’t recommend Etoro to anyone! They can’t be trusted. The helpdesk is awful.

  8. Dealing with etorox has been the most painful and panic inducing experience in my life. After achieving the requirements necessary to become a Level 2 member and reattaining a 100 credit score, which dropped due to being too slow to add funds, I still have had my withdrawal locked up. Why? Because after requesting the withdrawal, a deposit of 50% of the withdrawal amount became required. Without paying that, my funds are locked up in a “pending” state. I can not cancel the withdrawal and I cannot cancel my account. It’s a total loss.

  9. Absolutely terrible- it’s easy to get the money into the account, they are slow to initiate a sell. Their customer service is terrible, if you are lucky enough to get one on live chat. They are basically call center workers.
    They have no knowledge of markets or trades.
    There is no phone number or direct email contact with anyone

  10. I have never received my refund back! E-toro its a scam and they took all your money and never get it back! They send me fake papers which are not legal, making up fake transictions! I have proof of everything. When I say I take the case legally they just disappear. They own my money! Avoid them at all cost!!!
    A LOT OF clients are unhappy with them, the own money to thousend of people. I have been very polite with them sending them all the papers, and they still deny my case. I have all the proof that they own me money! This is unfair and illegal!!

  11. Etoro is a scam..
    i explained in full details all that happened and how they deceived me to depositing money to the name above ^^^

  12. Sberbank does not buy the underlying asset, as it informs us.We have bought real shares and Etoro wants to forcibly close our positions at a reasonable price to existing companies based on an extraordinary event in the price of cents!!! Other brokers have transferred LSE/ Russian shares/to the Moscow Stock Exchange free of charge to their clients. Shareholders for an emergency situation that may occur at any time. does not provide any updates and answers for its clients this is a fraud lie fraud

  13. They are scammers. They are not trading with real shares. All you trade is their internal system. So if something will happen you won’t be able to transfer to other broker because there’s no shares under your name. It’s just records in their system. They will not allow to trade in the most important time – just locks trading. Also known situation with russian stocks – when other brokers allowed to transfer stocks to MOEX, etoro just took customers money and locked their holdings in rissuan stocks. Don’t give any money to these scammers.

  14. be vary wary of this platform. ive been with etoro for almost 6 years. i have had concerns for a long time but i started to make videos of my trading screen, opening the same trades on etoro and on a real broker lol the difference is shocking. etoro have quite a lot of tricks up their sleeve to con you, too many to list here. one of their favourite ones is that they change spreads during your trade to make you hit your stop loss! on the subject of spreads their spreads are the highest around do not believe what they write in their tv ad’s, its not the reality. you never own the stocks you buy, even the un leveraged x1 stocks, etoro owns them, well actually etoro uses custodian accounts which means they etoro do not have them either, if the 3rd party custodian company goes bust, you will never yet any money back, if you are still considering opening an etoro account, I really recommend reading their full terms and conditions and then walk away, no run fast and dont look back, go to a real broker, etoro hedges against you!! ETORO IS NOT A REAL BROKER. do you research folks. I have reduced my account down to only open positions once I can close them I am deleting my account and will never return. Customer service is a joke. I have asked 9 very important questions over the past 5 weeks (questions concerning proof that they even buy stocks with our money), they outright refuse to answer my questions and told me if i dont like it I can always go to the financial ombudsman, I have asked for trade confirmations which they refuse to provide!!! the only reason you would not give your client trade confirmations is because you never bought the stocks in the first place, this is a company that holds 23k of my equity… ask yourself is etoro a company you can trust your money with, I can tell you honestly you cannot trust etoro. I can back up my review and also provide much more detailed information for anyone that is considering opening an account on etoro, screen videos emails you name it I have recorded and kept everything. I can easily be found on linkedin Natalie Humphreys (Greece) look me up I am happy to provide evidence as to why you should never touch these cowboys, ETORO IS NOT A BROKER IT IS A CASINO!!!!!!! keep any eye on bloomberg news, there is an honest etoro article coming soon as many of us have got together and provided Bloomberg with proof of how etoro conducts its business. GO TO A REAL BROKER, ETORO I REPEAT IS NOT A REAL BROKER, PLEASE DO YOU DUE DILLEGENCE, I WISH I HAD BEFORE I JOINED ETORO.
    Do not read the good reviews, they are all bought, click on the 25% 1 star reviews those are the real reviews, would you trust your hard earned money to a casino pretending to be a broker that has 25% 1 star reviews!!!
    They are not trading with real shares. All you trade is their internal system. So if something will happen you won’t be able to transfer to other broker because there’s no shares under your name. It’s just records in their system. They will not allow you to trade in the most important time when you are up and want to close a trade they block it but to the contrary when the market drops they leave it open. When you want to short something they block shorting, the house always wins, I trade with Interactive Brokers now and never have these issues and any stocks are in my name and transferable if I wish.
    I filed a complaint with the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman, if enough people file complaints eventually they will not be able to abuse clients any longer, don’t just write a bad review etoro users that read this, file a complaint with the ombudsman. I also filed complaints with trading standards in 3 countries!
    Etoro dont even bother replying to this review there is nothing you can say to defend this, I have all the proof to provide anyone thinking of joining etoro with countless reasons why they should run a mile from etoro.

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