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Website: https://fbs.com

Telephone: +357 25 313540 / +357 25 313541

Address: 89, Vasileos Georgiou Street, 1st Floor, Office 101, Potamos Germasogeias, 4048 Limassol, Cyprus

About Company:

FBS is an international brand represented in the EU by Tradestone Limited under the business name FBS.
Independent companies united under the FBS brand are devoted to their clients and offer them opportunities to trade Margin FX and ᏟᖴᎠs. FBS always shares knowledge through free seminars, special events, educational materials and daily analytics. In addition, 24/5 customer support quickly resolves incoming issues. The average response time is incredible – less than 1 minute per request!

Traders (new and experienced) may benefit from cutting-edge trading tools and some of the best trading conditions. Clients can make deposits and withdrawals via the various payment systems, use a large number of trading instruments and access split-second execution of trades.

FBS — Review
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  1. I have opened an account with FBS more than a year ago and till now everything is fine. I like their execution, promos and educational material. I can copy seasoned traders (social trading) and the best of them are recommended by FBS as “pro”. They can get prizes, if they are realy good. This is good because I can make money in my free time, while I am not available for trading. FBS is nice 🙂

    I deposited money via BTC in FBS.com, and after a week, the money isn’t on my account deposited. I have contacted support several times, and they keep telling me that status of the transaction is still pending to be processed, but the transaction is complete as per blockchain.com

    They are really BAD about managing my case! I don’t recommend them!

  3. It was great when I started, now I don’t understand what’s going on. My trades aren’t executing. I set pending orders, and when prices get to where I set my order, the trade get’s automatically canceled. To make matters worse, they don’t assist via their help email.
    It has been going on for almost 3 weeks now and it’s really frustrating.

  4. I normally don’t feel comfortable investing online but, due to pandemic, I lost my job because the company I worked for downsized. I had to invest my savings in this site, with the hope of getting some good returns. This company refused to pay me my earning, neither my investment. I was so sad because I had no other money left. I got to know of ( W W W . TraderAdvisor . Tech )
    and I contacted them. I’m glad I did because I was able to get back all that I lost.

  5. Trading is about opening and closing positions, but this app closes your positions automatically!! Waste of money and time….. how can someone go long with such an app? And don’t get me wrong people.. I am talking about an experience for 2 weeks before writing this review and after updates.. worst trading app.

  6. i did trading with them for 4 month, had no other issue but one. Whenever I try to cash a price moment based on news. Where a lot of orders are placed. My orders got placed almost after 1 minute. Which means eternity in trading. When I tried to close a trade on profit of $250 (Doing scalping) based on the charts that trade is going against me when press close button it took 1 minute and my trade closed at $678 loss. I have face this issue with them several time. Second their ping is an issue itself.

  7. My name is alpeshkumar patel I give two star because I missing my deposit my account #301134457 my transaction detail Bitcoin #95538401 from 2021.10.18 19:58 I can see fbs received but they not transfer my money in to account. so far I never had issue like that other this problem. once I received my deposit I will update review blockchain.com confirmed my deposit went through very well but fbs.com rejected give me same response 10 times that’s bad for customers

    This an updates on My deposit query has been solved by fbs team thank you

  8. From my fbs account there was an automatic internal transfer and trade and I lost all the money. FBS is not supportive also to check regarding this case. Cheating broker. Customer information privacy is in risk.

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