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Phone: +27 10 753 1177

Address: Unit 203, No. 16 Corner Hutson and Eyre Streets, Blake Building, Belize City, C.A.

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Trade with Confidence

Discover our advanced, innovative and intuitive WebTrader trading platform and trade CFDs with confidence in the most popular and sought-after worldwide assets.

All these available from your favourite browser at any device to take your CFDs trading to the next level.

  • ComplianceInvestMarkets upholds strict industry regulatory compliance requirements, the highest industry standards to ensure a safe and secure trading experience.
  • SecurityAll client’s funds are kept in separate trust accounts with investment-grade banks. Using the highest standard PCI scan and SSL certificate.
  • SupportOur dedicated support team is always available to meet our trader’s needs, working around the clock to provide assistance to our international traders.
  • PlatformsWe offer advanced CFDs trading platforms, our WebTrader and the MetaTrader 4, available to InvestMarkets traders for web and mobile.
  • QualityWe’ve built InvestMarkets on the foundation of delivering the best trading experience to traders around the world. We push ourselves to maintain our standards while making sure we keep offering more to our traders.
  • is operated by Arvis Capital Limited, a Belize Invest Firm, authorised and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company’s licence number is 000307/166.
InvestMarkets Reviews
4.1 based on 10 reviews

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  1. The leverage is not limited to ridiculous 1:100 here, which I appreciate a lot. The minimum deposit starts with $250 but sure enough I recommend starting with at least $500 if you plan to make any money at all and not go broke at once. Leverage is good, but you’ve got to know how to mnage the risks using it.

  2. I’ve been choosing a broker that fits all my requirements for a long time. So far, I haven’t found one. But I did find InvestMarkets. It has almost everything I need.
    For example, a small deposit, because I haven’t yet accumulated a lot of capital to start with it. Plus, I need some regulation so I can trust the company. And InvestMarkets is a multi-regulated broker, which is a significant advantage for me.
    The availability of a large number of companies in the terminal with favorable trading conditions on them is the next requirement. And I’m delighted with InvestMarkets in this way.
    The only thing I didn’t have here is the training that would fit my needs.

  3. Once upon a time I traded on Forex. But I didn’t succeed and I thought I couldn’t. But I decided to believe in myself again and 2 months ago I started trading demo with InvestMarkets. And for a month now I have been trading real. I contributed $ 1,000. and today withdrew 1000 dollars. I was able to double my deposit in a month. I know that it sounds fantastic, this is real, because I have learned and now I know how to trade correctly!
    The fact is that I found my strategy on a demo account and now I trade currency pairs and indices. Leverage on InvestMarkets. 1: 400 and this allows me to make good money!

  4. I know that some people have a very strong phobia of new brokers. Perhaps, such people were painfully victimized by scams and now they are afraid of trying something new. I also had several unpleasant experiences with fraudulent brokerage companies but they failed to disappoint me in trading regardless of losses I faced with them. Perhaps, it’s because I’m optimist by nature and respectively I’m convinced that no one is able to do me a lot of harm and this belief really helps me.
    Why has I decided to try this broker? I simply had extra money and wanted an extra account to trade some assets on separate margin. My margin on other accounts is already busy. So, I did it. Fortunately, the broker didn’t make anything bad and I can continue to trade here. It doesn’t have any special features but it’s reliable, so other things don’t matter.

  5. I use a mobile application from Metatrader to trade. It’s very convenient, no need to start and restart the system, everything is always at your fingertips. You can always log in in a second and see what’s going on in the market. Technical support is available 5 days a week. The broker offers over 340 assets for trading. I only use a few of them, the most volatile ones.

  6. So,i was also asked by Tania if i could write a positive Review,well,although i dont really have anything bad to say about them,they are good at what they do,they lacking on turnaround timeframe of funds withdrawals,and pre market closure advice, especially when dealing with inexperienced traders. But,furthermore,if i should have surplus funds available,i would consider trading again,after doing some prior homework,not rushed into trades.

  7. InvestMarkets is an excellent broker, which, thanks to the conditions they provide, is suitable for traders of any background. There is also training for beginners, they have a whole section devoted to training. The company does not interfere in trading. I don’t have any problems when trading. I always received my withdrawals on the day of the order. It is possible to make money.

  8. I learned about this broker from the 2020 ThatSucks readers’ and editors’ ratings. There he was given the status of “Reliable Broker”. I was looking for a suitable replacement for my broker at this time, so I decided to register here. I can tell you right away that I have not regretted my decision even once. Probably you can say that it is still a very young broker, but all giants were young once and for me this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. It means that the company develops, values each client and is willing to meet you halfway in solving various disputes. The broker has a large number of assets available for trading, such as FX, Crypto, indices and stocks.

  9. For six months of work, there were no negative stories. The broker has existed for a long time, in terms of the level of interaction, everything is up to the mark. Money is withdrawn a little longer than the average happens, but I am ready to endure this

  10. I am honestly a bit impressed this lousy sales girl who has no idea what to talk about calls every single day I tell her to $#*! off and her audacity to tell me it’s her job to call me every day. So I dared her to call me daily because I will sue the company by forcing me. Hey $#*! face, contact me I’ll teach you how to train your sales reps. You have zero taste in how to sell. That’s why it became a scam. I got balls to call you a $#*! face because you didn’t take none of my money but I bet you’re about to be screwed over by law. Or we can do it the local way. Sales reps! You tired of getting yelled at from people calling you scams because your methods didn’t work? Join me I’ll teach every one of you where and what to sell during your $#*!ty times. Understand the opponent’s needs and ask them questions of what you want them to answer. Your boss didn’t teach you none of these. That’s why I think y’all are idiots. Join me or get yelled at by the world from this $#*! face. You decide.

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