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Your best CFD trading experience with a reliable broker

InvestZoom It has many positive reviews from traders, which confirms the reliability of the company and the professionalism of the team.At the moment, the company is one of the leaders in providing access to CFD trading in the European and Asian regions.You can verify this yourself by opening the real account of the trader in just a couple of clicks.

Who are we?

InvestZoom – banking holding company with headquarters in the city of Detroit, Michigan; The basis of the company is InvestZoom Bank with headquarters in the city of Sandy (Utah). The company provides financial services, including auto-financing, corporate financing, insurance, mortgage loans, exchange services and online banking. InvestZoom is one of the largest car loans in the USA in terms of loans issued and is part of the twenty largest banks in the United States. Since 2021, the company entered the Russian market to provide Russians with a highest quality service.

Where are we from?

The company was founded in 1919 by InvestZoom Corporation called InvestZoom Acceptance Corporation (TCAC) for lending to purchases of its products.In 1938, a subsidiary of InvestZoom Insurance Corporation was created by the company.In 1985, the company entered the mortgage market.In 1999, the mortgage unit was expanded through the purchase of Ditech.In 2005, the company formed the Residential Capital (Rescap) as a holding company for its mortgage operations.
In 2006, InvestZoom Corporation sold 51 % of TCAC shares of the private investment company Cerberus Capital Management.Also in the same year, TCAC lost the control package of TCAC Commercial Holdings and Capmark Financial Group, selling them Goldman Sachs, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Five Mile Capital Partners.In 2009, Capmark filed a bankruptcy statement, and its North American business to attract and maintenance of loans was purchased by Berkadia, a joint venture of Leucadia and Berkshire Hathaway.
On December 24, 2008, the Federal Reserve system allowed the transformation of a financial company to a banking holding company.As a result of losses in the former subsidiary of Rescap, the United States Treasury invested $ 17.2 billion in the company in 2008-2009. The treasury sold its last share in the company in 2014.
On May 15, 2009, the TCAC banking unit changed its name to WiseBridge, and in May 2010 TCAC became called InvestZoom.In 2012, the company sold its Canadian banking operations Royal Bank of Canada.In April 2014, InvestZoom became a public company, having conducted the initial placement of shares.In 2015, the headquarters was transferred to the One Detroit Center, renamed InvestZoom Detroit Center.

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5 reviews to “INVESTZOOM Reviews”

  1. The company’s customers leave negative reviews about Invest zoom due to the fact that all the information was a well-thought-out deception scheme. Invest zoom is a fraudulent organization that makes money by deceiving gullible citizens. Deceived users are left to look for ways to return the money. You should always be on the lookout and check the information.

  2. Customers are all in a row circled around the finger, lured out very large sums of money, nothing is returned. Fraudsters lie professionally, and gullible people fall for this nonsense. They deceive with empty promises so that the user begins to trust them! Thus, crooks get more and more money from their naive victims.

  3. Invest Zoom company reviews and broker review. This is another project of old scammers, they very often change the addresses of their sites and swindle gullible people for money. The new address of the fraudulent site, – this broker is not real, on their trading platform all transactions are fake!

  4. This site cannot be trusted! If you decide to take risks, you are guaranteed to lose all your investment money. Swindlers deceive gradually, do not give the opportunity to withdraw the invested money. Scammers very often change site addresses, but the scheme of deception remains the same. There is simply no point in investing your money there, it will be a failed investment, and a loss of money.

  5. I fell victim to some scam forex trading platform and I lost a lot of my funds to them but thanks to Lisa for her help in getting my funds recovered. She work with a recovery company called Lost funds rescue and you can as well reach to their webmail via support @ Lfrescue. org. I got all my funds recovered after reporting to Mrs Lisa via her mail Lisa.Eric @ proton .me or WhatsApp +84 94 767 1524 if you need help in getting your lost funds back as well.

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