«NPBFX» — Review

Website: https://finance-official.npbfxrus.org/

Phone: 8 800 200-06-76, +7 495 128-98-90

Address:  uite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

About Company:

GENERAL INFORMATION NPBFX has been providing brokerage services to clients in the FOREX currency market since 1996. Until 2016, private traders and corporate clients were serviced on behalf of a bank licensed by the Bank of Russia (Nefteprombank JSC). At the beginning of 2016, a rebranding and transfer of private client services to the international company NPBFX Limited with an IFSC license was carried out. The bank continues servicing corporate clients. In the period from 1996 to 2006, the company primarily served clients in the HNWI/UHNWI segment. In 2006, the company introduced the NPBTrader Internet trading platform, connected via a proprietary bridge to liquidity providers in the interbank market. Thus, the company has become one of the first retail brokers to serve clients exclusively on STP/NDD technology using a brokerage business model that excludes conflicts of interest with clients. In 2011, the company began serving clients through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The platform is connected to a liquidity aggregator that allows you to transfer client transactions to Tier 1 banks. The NPBFX service portfolio contains offers for almost any category of clients: private traders with classic trading strategies; algorithmic traders, HFT traders, scalpers; traders who need to provide liquidity for large trading volumes; institutional clients and partners: brokerage companies, hedge funds and corporate clients; traders with individual needs. In 2016, NPBFX was awarded the status of a member of the Financial Commission category A, the amount of the compensation fund was increased to $20,000 per client. Currently, NPBFX serves clients from different regions of the world and operates in accordance with international standards of good business conduct in the financial services markets.

«NPBFX» — Review
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11 reviews to “«NPBFX» — Review”

  1. Actually the dealer plays for you with your money, because if he doesn’t want you to buy, you won’t buy, and the same with closing – if you have at least 100-150 points of profit – it is impossible to close by the market, you can only use the set stop and take, the stop limits of which, to put it mildly, are not competitive.

  2. The time of the transaction sometimes reaches 3 !!! minutes: ((((. Moreover, this can be not only at night, but also during the day. In short, patience ran out – left them.

  3. NPBFX does not make you nervous about payment discipline. You know that the money earned from trading will come in full, though not as quickly as we would like)

  4. Broker as a broker. There are no big claims to them. But there are small ones, but this is an integral part of trade in any office, as it seems to me.

  5. Good day! My purely personal opinion about the company: it works satisfactorily. There are also problems, but the support tries to solve them. I took out the profit, but it takes time, I’ll tell you right away. In general, if there are better options, you can try, but you can trade here too.

  6. I think the trading conditions at NPBFX are quite acceptable for making money. There are no gigantic trading leverage, but you cannot merge the deposit at once. The company also has disadvantages. Crashes happen sometimes, but not very often.

  7. like NPBFX platform. good! I don’t really like the attitude of technical support. my stop losses periodically disappear. take profit has never disappeared. With this situation I contacted support more than once, they fixed everything, but they did not communicate very friendly.

  8. I recommend everyone to open accounts with NPBFX. This is a trusted broker. I have been working with him for five years. He often made a profit, there were no comments about this. You can trade in NPBFX with any strategy, you can also use your advisors to trade.

  9. Good broker. I started trading with NPBFX not so long ago, about eight months ago. But I can already say that the broker is decent and transparent. There are no problems with charts, there is a history of quotes that you can always check. Slips are very rare, although they do occur. Well, I recently made the first withdrawal of $ 730, withdrew without question. I recommend trading with NPBFX.

  10. NPBFX is not the coolest broker! Although I’ve been trading here for over a year. But there are companies that have more undeniable advantages. Why am I staying with NPBFX? Probably because I don’t like running back and forth. You can earn, no problems yet. If it’s bad, I’ll leave.

  11. NPBFX provides very high quality trading services on the forex market. I’ve been in this business for five years now. I have been trading with NPBFX for the last three years. Here you can trade with a large leverage, which suits me completely. And I’m not afraid that the broker may be a scammer. For three years there was no reason to doubt decency.

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