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ProBit is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in the Seychelles. It has been operating since 2018. It supports operations with more than 140 cryptocurrencies. ProBit Global has released its own token. There is also a cloud mining service on the exchange, in which income is accrued in the native coin of the project. The interface is available in Russian. The trading commission is 0-0.2%. The minimum commission is charged for transactions with the exchange token.

ProBit Global — Review
2.8 based on 13 reviews

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  1. This site is a crypto currency exchanger and we can exchange a crypto into another crypto or usdt based on our needs. This site provides a lot of currency exchanges including btc, eth… and so on. We can also exchange ecoin newly launched crypto using this site..

  2. Absolutely no communication from these people as soon as you request to withdraw your funds. I deposited a huge amount to this company, and have been having trouble withdrawing money from their platforms for about 2 months. If not for that intervained and helped me retrieved my money from Probit exchange, all my deposit would have been gone. Beware of Probit exchange, they are criminals.

  3. I have been using Probit for 1 year
    I have been using Probit for 1 year. I feel very satisfied with the application. One dissatisfaction is that when the number of people accessing Probit is large, it leads to a lot of lag. I can’t use it, so Probit needs to improve this. And all functions of Probit use quite smoothly. Deposit, withdraw, trade stable

  4. For half a year I have used Probit, I have not experienced any problems at all, the customer service response from Probit is very fast, withdrawals and deposits are very fast,I am very happy to use Probit Global, I hope Probit Global maintains this good quality, Probit Global is one of the most trusted wallets in my opinion, thank you Probit Global

  5. My experience is eating or being a long-time probit exchange user, I really like the simple features and have committed to satisfying the users, you can see from the many events such as the large number of weekly airdrops and the quizzes like learn & earn and prices that are compatible for me, in conclusion, I am an old probit user who really likes and really wants to be a part of probit 🥰

  6. I am a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast for 5 years. Since 2018 I was something of a novice and I participated in registering on this wonderful platform, ProBit. Unlike other Exchanges, where they encourage you that your volume to be withdrawn must be high and in addition to that, they charge you a large amount of commission. In this case, ProBit is not like that. The commissions are hardly seen and they are fast. I have not had any problems with this Exchange and therefore I highly recommend it.

  7. I have used probit for a while and a few months ago I lost access to my email account that was registered. I was Informed that I sent over a few details . Passport picture etc that it will get transferred over to my new account . It will have been 3 months on Thursday since I sent this and all I get is that it is backlogged and it will get done shortly. 3 months and still waiting . Im unable to gain access and frustrated that with the market as it is I’m losing money not being able to access my account.

  8. After I invested and wanted to withdraw there was no communication from them,even when I tried reaching them through calls and mails. I invested a large amount into this company, and have been having trouble withdrawing money from them If not for an investigating firm i reach on Q.R code that helped me, all my deposit would have been gone. Beware of Probit exchange.

  9. Probit app is a big scam I see lunr price 0.18$ but when you deposit your lunr coins in Probit then you can’t able to sell your coins direct from market price you just sale your coins on the list prices mean to say Lunr coin price 0.1179$ but you sell your coins on 0.07$ otherwise you have not any options

  10. What made my experience awesome with probit is their fast response whenever complaints are raised and also I’m equally captivated by series of opportunities they dish out, their offer and charges is equally another great thing, kudos to probit global.

  11. This time exchange are competing each other by serving best to their users. But Probit are much poor against them. I facing withdrawal issue more than 7 times.

    Let me explain,
    Probit always have low liquidity on their withdrawal address. As a result, when we try to withdraw our money its gone to pending and till now 7 times, i have waiting for more than 16 hours to get my withdrawal.
    Much poor service. I am leaving it today, until they solve their liquidity problem. And suggest you guys to stay away from this

  12. I lost a lot trading with a scam crypto broker that Intend to give a better profit in return. I lost my funds to this platform and I was terribly angry. I had to make a report to a crypto expert called Mrs Lisa Eric. After my report to her, I was able to recover $28,500 from them with the guidance of Lisa Eric a recovery expert. Reach out to Lisa for assistance into a better trade and how to recover from previous loses and avoid trade lose.
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