V12 Sports And Classics — Review

Website: https://www.v12sportsandclassics.co.uk

Phone: 01455 245210

Address: Unit 23 Harrowbrook Road, Hinckley, LE10 3DJ

About Company:

V12 Sports and Classics was established in 2005. Initially, the company began selling classic and unique cars. From a young age cars have always been a passion of the owner and so he started a classic car business working from home. It quickly became a viable business which was selling about 20 classic cars a month; this continued for about three years. The main focus of the business was to always provide a fantastic customer journey, build a trusted relationship with the customer and in turn build a great reputation which would keep customers coming back. V12 Sports and Classics is all about providing fantastic customer service, amazing value vehicles and total peace of mind. Ensuring that all vehicles come with the AA Inspect and Protect package.

Looking forward, the business is aiming to continue the rapid growth by becoming a household brand and we are sure that this is possible using our philosophy of “building a trusted relationship with each customer and treating them like friends and family”

V12 Sports And Classics — Review
4.6 based on 12 reviews

12 reviews to “V12 Sports And Classics — Review”

  1. The Lexus is driving great, no issues so far! The service here was provided at a high level I was pleased with the service I received. I found the staff to be helpful and friendly enough, it was all fine. I recommend.

  2. I came to V12 Sports and Classics and bought the Audi A1, I was happy that this dealership was accommodating test drives, the test drive was everything you expected it it be really, no pressure the staff told us where to go but we knew the area is was a nice little stretch a couple miles there and back. The customer service here was great, based on our experience, I recommend.

  3. I am happy with the BMW I bought from V12, I really like it, very nice car. Great customer service I am happy with. I will give 5 stars.

  4. The young guy dealing with me was amazing he must of been the youngest one there, he looked after me very very well, he’s going to make it far in this game. The type of salesmanship was great that this young gentleman had, he wasn’t pushy or anything like that, he was very polite. I bought my Polo because I needed an automatic and the things this car does has exceeded my expectations its very good I must say!

  5. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well everything went with V12 Sports and Classics! The team here couldn’t be more helpful and I mainly dealt with Sarda, she was lovely. The Q5 I bought is excellent and I am very happy with it. Thank you V12!

  6. All has been great with my 5 Series! Bought it from the V12 branch local to me in Stoke and had no issues with the salespeople there. Was easy going through the purchasing process. Would recommend this dealership 👍

  7. The guys and the V12 dealership in Witham are really good! I was well informed about the car I had come to see and there was no pressure or hard sell. Since the purchase the car has been running very well, nothing untoward has cropped up.

  8. I’ve had a few cars from a couple of different V12 branches over the years and 9 times out of 10 they are flawless. Had a few bumps with my most recent purchase but overall was still a good experience. The car I purchased is perfect and there hasn’t been a single fault with it. I dealt with Mike the most, he is a really nice lad and I had a laugh with him, he put me at ease. I don’t think I have been deterred from using the company again in the future, they still rank fairly high in my book.

  9. The staff at V12 were very nice to me, hey let me take my time with the 5 Series and there was no pressure. Buying the car was very easy and the staff did all they could for me. The 5 Series has been doing well since the purchase to be honest, its a lovely car to drive and feels quite luxurious.

  10. There is nothing untoward to report with my Lexus, its a very nice car and I am spending my time getting used to it and addapting from my previous car. I also have to mention that the car was beautifully prepared – very clean indeed! I believe I dealt with a lovely team member called Laura and she was very helpful and the whole process was incredibly smooth.

  11. I came here to purchase my BMW X5, I received brilliant service during my time spend at V12 Sports and Classics. I am loving driving the BMW around, its amazing to drive, very comfortable and smooth. I would like to say thank you to Wayne for helping me out so much and being so on it from the get go. 5 star

  12. I recommend V12 to everyone, I bought a Golf from them in September and as they say so far so good! Cars are prepared to a high standard and customer service is great. I never give 5 stars but they’re close so it’ll be a cheeky 4.

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