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«World FOREX» — is a company founded in 2007 on the territory of the British Virgin Islands in conformance with с BVI Business Companies Act, 2004. BVI Company № 1420912 (Software license).

In 2016 the trading mark WORLD FOREX was transferred to the companies group Existrade LTD control.
Existrade LTD Company – is an international broker regulated by International Finance Committee FSA (Financial Services Authority – st. Vincent & the Grenadines), that ensures company services’ transparency and compliance with international standards. Registration number 24441 IBC 2018.

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  1. I see their bedding is sitting here, so I advise those who come here not to take any positive comments seriously. We need facts that this is a scam, please. Started working with this “wonderful” broker since November 2017. I trade exclusively on non-farm news using pending orders. In November, I put a small amount to learn, all the rules, pending orders for 10 points, I made a profit. In December, I already lost a significant amount, because of my inexperience, I have no complaints, except that the pending order allowed was no longer 10 but 15 points and they did not allow to close until the entire deposit was completely exhausted. In January, again, little money is all right, I made a profit and withdrew it (deposit 15). And then the most interesting thing happened after it seemed to be fed. February, pending orders have already increased to 20, but it doesn’t matter, I entered the pending order and went into profit by x3 approximately, but then suddenly after I closed the order from the profit, I lost 50 points!!! And this is already a lot of money with a high lot. I wrote a letter to them and they said that it happens that the cent jumped too sharply and the deposit opened 50 points higher and I wanted to exit a little earlier when the price at the peak was also not allowed, after it fell down, they let me close. March, April May, the deposit has already grown to 25 points, and when I tried to close in plus, it didn’t give me a minus yet, but at least not for the entire deposit minus, and thanks for that. And right here today is fun on June 1st. I’m sitting waiting for the news, I’m posting delays and here they are already 35 points !!! Well, I think, okay, I’ll close them then because I was afraid of a rollback. Doesn’t let you close! The news started, the price went up and all this time I’m trying to close the layoffs and it doesn’t work! Trading is prohibited writes, and then the price of 1 pip catches the deposit up and I try to close the deal itself with a small minus, which is also not allowed to be done until the entire deposit is over, and then it was impossible to close the deposit down for 15 minutes. In general, this is a bum for suckers, run away from this pissing broker, they are finished bastards.

  2. Now an interesting trick has appeared: many offices pretend that they do not understand Russian well. This also applies to WordForex. As for spreads, they say: “spreads are fixed, but we can change them when the volatility is low.” But in Russian the word “fixed” means “unchanged”. Those. if it is written that it is 3 points, so it should be 3 points! And if you change it when it is beneficial for you, then it is no longer fixed, but floating!

  3. World Forex is a deceitful lure! All activities are aimed at a complete divorce of customers. Even to take the same commission, they do not directly declare anything, but as it turned out, they have it and not a small one. And most importantly, all trade is clumsy that I don’t do everything I merge. And when they called me, I was indignant at what they told me to invest another 500 and you will see a good result. Of course ran away

  4. I read about the promotion and the Forex Demo contest with a real prize of 100,000 rubles, got involved and gave me $10,000. In a week I brought it up to $30,000, and then I began to notice various “somersaults”, a growth brake, and all the tricks here You can’t describe it in a nutshell. open. This company is crap and empty talk, and their programs will reduce anyone to zero in time. Nobody go there, deception and deception! It’s good that I already understood this on the demo!

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