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The new AMAZY project will allow users to earn internal tokens by walking and running in NFT sneakers. The distance covered in AMAZY sneakers is fixed via GPS. The cost of the first set of NFTs will be $100. Users will then be able to create their own sneakers based on them and sell them. The project uses Binance Smart Chain as the blockchain. You can also get NFTs for free by participating in a drawing held among platform subscribers.

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  1. Another financial pyramid hidden under cryptocurrency. Where does the added value or any value come from? You walk / run and for this you get tokens that can be exchanged for real money. Okay, but where do these tokens come from? Nowhere, they just print. In this case, it is an inflationary model. It’s the same as printing money, which causes a huge spike in inflation. Today you could buy only food for 1,000 rubles, but if you print more money tomorrow, you will already buy less rubles for the same 1,000 rubles. So here, every day the price of the token that you receive will fall. It will not grow, because in order for it to grow, people need to buy, that is, enter this pyramid. And who will come in if it is not profitable? If you can’t fight back soon? So think 100 times before you fly into this Amazi. This is some bullshit, to be honest.

  2. The project is created by Sergey Kosenko, a well-known infogypsy and bred, so it will never be surprising if everyone who invests in it receives REKT. In fact, this topic will not take off anymore. Look now what is happening with the flagship of this industry, StepN, it is going to the bottom. People who came in the last month and a half simply did not even have time to recapture their investments, now their payback is 1-2 months, it is not even 4-5 months. God forbid, by the end of 2022, people will recoup their investments. Otherwise, it is possible that by the end of the year the price of tokens for which people go will fly further down. As it was with the LUNA token in May, when its price fell from $100 to $0.00001.

  3. Your rating20 First of all, it’s not worth reading positive reviews about AMAZY, it’s 100% purchased. Just like you shouldn’t watch bloggers on Instagram and YouTube who drown for this project, this is also fake and bought. Secondly, the project is still developing and developing, but it is far behind the flagships of the move-to-earn niche. Thirdly, the reputation of the person who is at the head of the Amazi, to put it mildly, is not very good.

  4. I can’t imagine how this project will be able to somehow shoot. In this area, everything is already packed, those who wanted and managed to come in a long time ago. In addition to StepN, there is also the giant StepApp, which will take a huge share of the entire market. I think AMAZY is doomed to failure from the very start. Here’s how it will be so that you understand whether you should participate in this project or not. So, IDO will be held on the sites, after which the application itself will be launched, that is, it will be possible to walk and earn this AMT token. So, in order for you to start earning, you need to buy NFT (this is a sneaker) and upgrade it, either through reinvestment, or buy this AMT and AZY, and upgrade it on them. Pumping will supposedly give more income. You will need to INVEST, and this will have to be done AFTER IDO. What will the developers, Kosenko himself, bloggers who are now promoting this game do? That’s right, they will sell on IDO to you Hamsters. They have had these tokens for a long time, they will receive them for a penny, and they will start selling you for x10-100 of their entry price. As a result, all these bloggers will exit, and the price will fly down. At least when you buy, it will continue to fly down, the hamsters will understand that they made a mistake and will begin to drain even more. As a result, everything is lower and lower and lower. This is how you will lose your money, and the creators of the AMAZY scam will bathe in profits.

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