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European Auction Car Service, a leading company in its field, provides a full range of services including insurance, customs clearance and transport arrangements. Customers who value the quality and reliability of delivery of their vehicles choose European Auction Car Service as their preferred partner due to the high level of professionalism and reliability that the company provides.

European Action Car Service Reviews
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  1. In Germany, cars are sold much cheaper than in Bahrain. Having visited the company’s website, I was convinced of this myself. They helped with paperwork, signed a contract, paid 30% of the price on the site and began to wait, I didn’t wait for 28 days for a long time. Many thanks to them, we will contact them again.

  2. From my personal experience this company can be trusted! Had experience of cooperation! Can trust! I recommend the company and will use you again.

  3. The wishes were fully fulfilled. And for the price and for the model and for the mileage, I am satisfied with the company. Bought a Mercedes-Benz S580 for 85.000

  4. I learned about the company through advertising. I wrote in telegrams, talked to the manager, he explained the whole buying process to me. Everything worked out for me and I signed a contract.

  5. 28 days was my car from Germany. I bought a Ferrari GTC 4. There were no overlays and everything was brought in the best possible way, without damage. Very satisfied with the service

  6. Took a Porsche 911 ’21 with almost no mileage. The company independently dealt with customs clearance and all documents. So with the car I received the entire package of documents in my name. They delivered to Al-Wakrah pretty quickly, I paid 2500 euros for delivery

  7. I liked the company. Thanks to them, I now own a Tesla Model Xl! They showed themselves professionally, helped along the way and brought the car with a full package of documents. All turnkey, in fact, only at the beginning paid an initial fee of 30% 15,000 euros. Delivered to Saudi Arabia in 29 days. Satisfied with everything!

  8. I want to leave a review about the company through which I bought the Audi S7. Everything is clear at work. We found the option that suits me in 1 day, it took 4 weeks for delivery. All the design was taken over, the head did not hurt. Thank you!

  9. I bought a Mercedes-Benz S400 2022 from Germany from them. I settled on this company because they have extensive experience in the market and a solid number of orders already completed. I didn’t have to delve into the details of the documents, they did everything themselves, they handed out a ready-made set for registration.

  10. I liked working with the company. The staff is friendly and always willing to answer questions if there is something you don’t understand. I bought a Mercedes-Benz EQS580 through them, the car is in excellent condition.

  11. Came to the company with a request for a Mercedes-Benz GLE400. We looked at the options, calculated the cost. Everything suited me, the contract was concluded for 2022 in a complete set.

  12. Worked with the company. Picked up a great option. Everything is turnkey, the car is great, thanks guys for the help!

  13. I signed the contract and sent it remotely. I did not see the manager personally, but he was in touch 24/7. From the port of Jebbel Ali, I preferred to pick up the car myself, although I was offered delivery by car transporter. All OK.

  14. Everything is great. I ordered a Porsche Panamera 2021 4.0 Benzin The price on the company’s website was 66 thousand euros. Long thought and made contact on this car! The deal went great!

  15. I contacted the company to buy a 2022 Mercedes-Benz G63. After the conclusion of the contract and making an advance payment, they picked up a good option. Delivery took 28 days. Delivery of the car ordered in Abu Dhabi.

  16. I came to the company on the recommendation of a friend, he was delivered a Mercedes-Benz G63 from Germany, and a Land Rover Range Rover was delivered to me. Was satisfied with the service. I had several stages of payment: first, an advance payment with which they begin the search and purchase of a car in my name, and the final payment was when I picked up the car in the city of Havalli.

  17. I want to get myself a new Porsche Cayenne in the near future, not quite new – of the year 2021. I will take it from them. Familiar with their service and services. At the end of last year, my wife changed the car through them.

  18. I am satisfied with the quality of the car, as well as the quality of service. The contract was concluded remotely, everything is official. The transfer of money for the car was only 30% of the cost. For a 2022 Bentley Continental, I paid €169,000. Separately paid only for the car transporter and delivery to the port of Jeddah – 3000 euros

  19. I thought a couple of days and signed a contract for the purchase and delivery of a car from a German auction. The price came out cheaper than buying a car in Brunei Darussalam. Delivered in 29 days, well done!

  20. Aston Martin DBX brought with delivery to Umm Salal. Photo-video-report received regularly. Thanks for the quality work.

  21. Super! The best premium cars! And a great team of professionals! Maserati Levante 2020 3.8 with 2800km. I was bought at auction for 68,000 euros.

  22. On the advice of friends, I turned to this company and purchased a Mercedes-Benz EQE43 car in Germany with their help.

  23. They helped to pick up and bring the Audi A8 2022. They did a great job. I give positive feedback!

  24. Cars ordered are not cheap and the responsibility for their delivery, respectively, is also not small. Responsive and competent head of the company solves all issues!!! Efficiency and adequacy on top! Great service

  25. On December 3, an agreement was signed for the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz GLS600 car. On December 19, the car was delivered to me quite quickly in Saudi Arabia.

  26. I found reviews about this company on the Internet, contacted the manager and discussed all the conditions. Everything went super, quickly, clearly and efficiently. They brought a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63 for 100,000 euros

  27. Hello! Second purchase through the company. Everything went great, thanks!

  28. Good afternoon! Received the car today, everything is intact and in excellent condition! Bought Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2022 3.0 Hybrid. thanks for the car

  29. We buy a second car, only for parents. Service at the highest level! The car came good, everything is exactly as they wanted, the parents are very happy. Thank you very much for your work.

  30. The company helped in the purchase of the Mercedes-Benz G63. Bought in Germany. There, the mileage is low and the roads are good, so the car came in new condition for a good price.

  31. The car is fully consistent with the description and in appearance and configuration and condition. Deadlines were met – 29 days. The cost also did not differ from the initial cost. It’s good that I found you.

  32. Thanks to the company for the car Land Rover Defender, picked it up a week ago. The car is simply gorgeous, I am still happy with the car. And only now is the time to write words of gratitude. Thank you very much!

  33. I liked the speed of the company. I signed a contract, paid 30% of the cost of the car. It took 29 days from the moment of payment until I took the car to Ed-Dammam. Recommend!

  34. I was satisfied with such service and cooperation. I shake your hand! I will work with you in the future!

  35. I really enjoyed working with European Auction Car Service. I turned to them for the first time, but this is the third car that I order from the auction, so there were no special worries, I have already studied everything.

  36. Ordered a Land Rover Range Rover. When choosing a company to help in choosing, I was guided solely by my intuition. I did not regret choosing the company.

  37. Many thanks for the work done! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Everything is transparent and understandable. Audi A8 arrived just like new! Payment was made by SWIFT transfer.

  38. Good afternoon. Many thanks to the managers of the company. I ordered for the first time. Helped to buy a great car Mercedes-Benz GLE63. All stages are clearly scheduled. No surprises. I will definitely recommend to friends. Thanks for the great work!

  39. I express my gratitude to all employees of the company for the wonderfully organized service for the purchase of cars. Thank you!!

  40. Thanks to the company for the 2022 Bentley Bentayga and for the speed of delivery!

  41. I picked up a Porsche Panamera 4.0 on their telegram channel, and even with a low mileage – 12.000km. In total, I paid with all the expenses for the car -80000 €

  42. The contract, advance payment and the car was redeemed within one day. I recommend!

  43. I issued an installment plan for the car, paid 40% of the cost of the car, sent documents and contacts with my signature. The contract was signed for a year, but I will pay off earlier.

  44. I liked the price and the Mercedes GLE53 car itself on the company’s website, the price was 55,000 thousand euros, I didn’t think for a long time, I contacted a company representative, and signed a contract. I already took the car, everyone is happy!

  45. For myself, I have already decided if I will buy a second car, then with the help of this company!

  46. Everything is initially very transparent. Bought a 2023 Land Rover Range Rover with a minimum mileage of 1.440km. The entire purchase with delivery and other expenses cost 120,000 euros. We picked up the car at the port of Kuwait

  47. The company works, it seems, without days off, holidays and breaks! They approached everything responsibly, chose a super car for me – BMW M8, the mileage is very small -2300km., like new !!

  48. I picked up the car myself, dropped the lot to the manager and he began the process of buying the car from the auction. On December 15, I signed a contract and paid 30% of the cost of the car, and on December 29, the car was already in the port of Kuwait.

  49. I liked the large selection of cars on their website. Remotely issued a contact for the delivery, the rest of the documents and paid the first installment of 30%. Picked up the car myself at the port of Casablanca in Morocco

  50. They have nice prices. They quickly brought the car to Morocco from Europe, helped with registration. The car arrived at the port of Casablanca. Arrived the next day and registered with no problems. Recommend

  51. When I looked at the photos from the auctions, I was very pleased with the condition. There were no difficulties at all with the purchase. Photo 100% original.

  52. I am satisfied with the work of the company. I bought a Mercedes-Benz S450, found a very cool fresh version with low mileage at a European auction. I paid the entire cost of the car in USDT cryptocurrency, the company delivered the car to Saudi Arabia in 4 weeks. Thanks for the car.

  53. Picked up the car last week. The car is doing great on the track! Many thanks to the company! I recommend to everyone! They work with high quality, honestly and responsibly!

  54. It is always a pleasure to do business with such professional and conscientious people! I recommend to all my friends to contact this company when buying a car from Europe!

  55. Good car, fast in a good configuration even with a rear camera, we really liked it

  56. Everything is convenient and everything is in its place, I liked the car, roomy and dynamic on the track, clean, well-groomed and in excellent condition. Bought Mercedes-Benz E 63 for 70000€

  57. The team was always in touch with me from my purchase of a car at an auction and delivery to the port of Jeddah. I recommend this company to everyone!

  58. I will definitely use the company again on my next purchase! There are no shortcomings or I did not notice them)

  59. I want to thank the company for bringing me a car! I am extremely glad that I turned to this company. I bought a car at an auction. Under the contract, I paid an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car. As the car was already bought and ready to be sent to my port, I paid the remaining amount before loading my car on the ship!

  60. The bet played quickly – a little more than a week, three more weeks and the car arrived at the port of Jeddah. Everything is fine!

  61. I recommend. It’s nice to work with decent, thorough people who do their work in good conscience, and not just like.

  62. Many thanks to the company for the delivery of my car! I enjoy every ride with my new Mercedes-Benz EQS580

  63. A very large selection of cars at affordable prices, I advise you to pay attention to who is going to buy or change cars.

  64. Land Rover Defender 2022 5.0. For delivery to the port of Jeddah, I paid 2500 euros, the car itself was 70 thousand euros.

  65. The terms of the contract are understandable – I paid the first installment – a third of the cost of the car and the balance when loading the car onto the ship and sending it to me as the owner.

  66. I am very pleased with my choice and purchase of a car through this service! Payment of the advance and the remaining amount was simple and convenient, and the delivery of the car to Saudi Arabia was flawless – in just 29 days.

  67. After I signed a contract with European Auction Car Service, I paid 30% of the cost of the car for redemption, delivery and auction fee, the company bought my chosen car and sent it to the port for loading and sending to me. I was provided with transport documents and I paid the remaining amount!

  68. Worked on weekends. No failures, surcharges, stretching deadlines. I recommend.

  69. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the car! I recommend without a doubt! I will definitely contact again!!

  70. The company is excellent, deserves to be known to many! The money was transferred without problems (I made 2 transfers), the advance payment and the remaining amount, as I was provided with transport documents for my car before loading onto the ship. Paid with SWIFT transfer. I recommend!

  71. Definitely recommend! Efficiency, Professionalism, Honesty – the credo of this company! paid for the car, delivery, auction fee and after 4 weeks the car was picked up at the port of Jeddah.

  72. We got it done pretty quickly. The car arrived exactly as described when I bought it. Thank you! Good luck and prosperity to you! Now everyone takes your contacts from me.

  73. Bought a car, brought it, I designed it myself. For each payment, everything was very transparent throughout the work, everything was according to the contract. Satisfied.

  74. The conditions were clear to me and I knew them in general. My borrower contacted them in November and they brought him a Mercedes S450. On February 26, my car will arrive at the port of Jebel Ali.

  75. Yesterday received in the port of Jebel Ali. Thanks to the team for this service! Good luck in business! Thank you from me!

  76. I paid a third of the cost of the car as a down payment for its redemption, and paid the rest when the car was being prepared for shipment to my city. I will add that I paid immediately for the auction

  77. There were some delays in the delivery of the car, but they were related to the operation of the port of Jebel Ali. Other than that I’m very pleased!

  78. He himself picked up the car in the port of Jebel Ali, after inspecting and checking the documents, he paid for the delivery. There were no problems with the company during the cooperation.

  79. Everything was fast, all questions were fully answered. The actual condition of the car is fully consistent with the description in the auction sheet.

  80. Thank you so much for a well done and well done job. Well done guys! Good luck and success! Thank you!!! I recommend.

  81. I bought a car from an auction, I was very worried, for the first time, but in fact, everything was fine. 4 weeks after the purchase at the auction, the car was already waiting for me in the port of Jeddah. Before loading onto the ship, I was provided with transport documents and I paid the remaining amount.

  82. When the car was purchased, they arranged for delivery to me in Saudi Arabia. I am absolutely satisfied with their work. I will recommend you to friends! Thank you!

  83. The car was received. Thank you very much for your clarity and professionalism, however, as always!

  84. I threw off the link to the car I was interested in, promptly contacted the seller at the auction and bought it. I am completely satisfied with the work of the team, without further ado, always in touch and everything is on point. Feel free to recommend

  85. I got a luxurious luxury car, which I had long dreamed of. And the price turned out to be much cheaper than in car dealerships. In general, I was satisfied with the cooperation with the company.

  86. I paid for the car only after receiving all the documents on transportation and readiness for shipment. The transaction went smoothly and safely.

  87. I’m happy with the car. Payment for the car was made only after providing me with all the necessary transport documents and confirmation of readiness for loading onto the ship.

  88. Money was transferred without problems (did 2 transfers) Land Rover Range Rover. Everything is great!

  89. Excellent service – they provide a full translation of auction sheets and photos of cars. Payment is clear. All under the contract.

  90. Bought a car here. Was satisfied. The manager explained everything well. Done quickly and online. I recommend.

  91. The car fully matched the description at the auction. There are no surprises or hidden defects, I got what I wanted.

  92. Oman gave me a great car – Land Rover Defender, 2023.5.0 with a mileage of 1.605 km. I paid 94,000 euros for it and received it in 4 weeks.

  93. Opting to purchase a car at an auction turned out to be the best decision. I signed the contract remotely. The payment process using Swift transfer was very convenient. The down payment was just 30% of the car’s cost, and after making this payment, my car was purchased, and the company prepared it for shipment. I paid the remaining amount and received the transport documents for my car before it was loaded onto the ship. The 24-day delivery timeframe to Rome was upheld.

  94. We concluded a remote contract for the purchase and delivery of the car, and I made a 40% prepayment according to the contract. The purchase was arranged through an installment plan, and the managers started fulfilling their obligations. I paid the advance payment in USDT. My car arrived in Doha 27 days after it was purchased at the auction.

  95. Hello, friends! I received my Mercedes-Benz SL63 in Milan in just 24 days. A bit about the car: it’s in perfect condition and equipped with all possible options. Thanks to the company and its employees for the prompt delivery! Everything went smoothly!

  96. European Auction Car Service is a real pro at what they do. The delivery time on the car carrier was slightly extended, but the quality of service and this wonderful purchase were worth it.

  97. I signed the contract on my side and sent it to the company remotely. The purchased car was registered directly to me! I paid with USDT cryptocurrency, thanks to the company I saved a lot!

  98. Hi all. The car has already been received, fully corresponds to the description and photo report that was presented to me. I did the diagnostics – no complaints. I go, I enjoy, I recommend this company.

  99. Contacted the European Auction Car Service. I received the selected car exactly on time, paid 30% of the cost of the car and began to wait – now I have the car I dreamed about. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car! Thank you! I recommend to everyone!

  100. The company proved its reliability and professionalism when buying a car at an auction. Remote contract signing and payment with cryptocurrency were surprisingly simple. After paying only 30% as an advance payment, I saw how my car was bought, prepared, and sent to me on a ship. The remaining balance was paid on time.

  101. I am satisfied with everything, the deal is legally fair! At the conclusion of the contract, I paid 30% of the cost of the car, and paid the final amount after loading my car on the ship. After receiving the transport documents, I sent the remaining amount for my car

  102. Cooperation with this company completely satisfied me. I bought the car at an auction, and the company successfully organized its delivery on a container ship to Dubai.

  103. After studying the company’s conditions, I concluded that they were an ideal fit for my requirements. To buy the car I selected at the European auction, I only needed to make a 30% down payment. After that, the company acquired the car and organized its delivery to Manama. What’s particularly important, I was able to pay the remaining amount before the car was loaded and shipped to me. This process was well-organized.

  104. They made the process of buying a car from a European auction carefree. I paid a deposit, received a loading report and transport documents, and only then paid the remaining amount. The delivery on a container ship took just 4 weeks.

  105. I got myself a 2021 BMW X7; it’s like new, with minimal mileage, a comfortable and spacious interior, and a huge trunk. The only thing is that I had to wait for 29 days, but it’s worth it. Highly recommended!

  106. Finally, I found a place where I can buy good cars at a reasonable price. In our city, there’s hardly anything decent left.

  107. With the help of this company, I was able to purchase the dream of my life – a sports car that I was looking for on the European market. They organized everything in a short time and ensured the security of my transaction.

  108. The car is in very good condition and I really liked everything. I’m glad that I came across an advertisement on this company’s Instagram and it turned out that the car was cheaper than planned.

  109. I recommend this company to those who want to buy a car from Europe without a headache.

  110. In 2023, I decided to buy a silver Land Rover Range Rover with 2000 km mileage. As soon as we signed the contract, I immediately made a purchase. To pay an advance payment of 30% of the cost of my Mercedes, I used a SWIFT transfer. I paid the remaining amount for the car before sending it to Kuwait.

  111. Before contacting the company, I thought for a long time. I was glad I made this choice. The guys provided me with a preliminary calculation and completed the execution of the contract. I made the payment in two stages: 30% in advance, and the rest after the purchase and sending the car to the port.

  112. The car I received was in perfect condition. The interior and exterior condition was excellent.

  113. I used the services of the European Auction Car Service in 2021, the order was not easy, Bentley Bentayga I, they searched for 4 days, but still they found it and bought it. All docks and payment online. I transferred 30% of the advance from the euro account, it was very convenient for me, there was also a fee for the auction fee and delivery. the transaction is very fast, I will advise European Auction Car Service

  114. The car arrived quickly, in just 28 days, and I was very pleased with my purchase. The car looks amazing, with its black color and stylish design, and it performs superbly on the road. I got a lot of compliments from friends and family who commented on how cool my new car is.

  115. We discussed the terms, signed the contract and went to the auction with the purchase. The car was chosen in a day and now it is on its way to Morocco

  116. All costs and stages of work are transparent. In early March, I bought a LAND ROVER DEFENDER 2023 5.0. With all expenses – 79000€

  117. Managers are always in touch and provide detailed advice on all issues. I liked the customer service. They provided full support. I can recommend them!

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