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Phone: +2484325339

Address: CT House, Office 4B, Providence, Mahe Seychelles

Email:  [email protected]

About company:

Our Vision

At Capitalix, we want to bridge the gap between the traders and the capital markets,

providing our traders with the tools, strategies, knowledge, execution speed, and support to trade market trends effectively as they develop (instead of having to chase them). We optimize our platform to best help our users understand market trends, ride economic momentum, and make the right decisions to benefit from market volatility.

Our Promise to You

Capitalix bridges the gap between you and the capital markets by empowering you with the most robust platform,

trading experience, and support so you can use market indicators to generate signals for entering and exiting stocks and start investing right away. With 150+ assets to trade, training, and a multilingual support team, we are committed to creating the best trading environment for you  to achieve your trading dreams. With the powerful and easy-to-use Capitalix trading platform, you can gain confidence and start trading immediately.

Capitalix – an award winning broker

Capitalix won the award from the Global Brands Magazine as the fastest growing forex broker in GCC.

Capitalix — Review
1.9 based on 9 reviews

9 reviews to “Capitalix — Review”

  1. Capitalix allows me to enjoy trading and make profit at the same time. In general this forex broker offers powerful tools and helpful educational material

  2. This company is punch of theif, stool money please don’t trust them they took All my money and left me with debits.

  3. You stole my money. Give it back! No mercy! They will promise you will earn but then after a day unable to reach phones snd customer service! FRAUD

  4. I was new to trading first manager his name is samer kept pushing me to deposit 5000 he made me buy gold then he left me to find my self losing then manager Eman pushed me with all nagging at the end deposited ******* $ she kept asking me to open positions even she was asking me to do hedge so I have free margin so I can open more positions I followed what she say blindly they are very good layers then she disappeared to find my self minus ******* $ kept calling them for four days no answer another manager and another manager then they asked to to take loan after long I refused they didn’t even work on my hedges now I lost all my money. Eman asked me how much is my saving and she disappeared when I deposited it all. Such a scam and fraud. Will keep posting this every way hope it will be closed will even sue them

  5. I didn’t want to start trading with them till I know more about their educational methods, which I got in full detail from their account manager. I like their service so far, easy platform. Still need a lot to test though

  6. I had registered to know how this works and while checking it I received a call from UK number on 27 sep, and I told them I would need time to review it before investing, I was forced to enter my card details and when I denied I was told they will take me through the demo. Today 28th Sep I received call from multiple Indian number threatening me to sign up, it was weird and I seriously wonder if this a legit company. Threatening to update card details is worst ever experience anyone could have received

  7. When i loss my money its drive mad a lady broker was un respectful and said my supervisor not speaking with people like me.

  8. Don’t trust that company, they will manipulate you to make you invest all of your money and when you stop putting more money on your account they make your money disappear. When they understand that you are not willing to invest more money they make you open positions that supposedly are losing money (it s a smoke window) and you end up with a 0 balance account. You will also have a very hard time redrawing money from them. They have all types of arguments to stop you from doing it. I lost a lot of money with them. I hope you will take this warning seriously.

  9. It is not a legitimate company, their advisors have zero professional level. I have been insulted by one of their employees who doesn’t respect people’s time and tries to gossip about my personal life. I tried to contact them to discuss the situation and terminate my trade with them, but they ghosted me. Please STAY AWAY, THEY ARE SCAMMER!

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