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COSS is a young cryptocurrency exchange that was registered in 2017. It is not included in the TOP-100 of the Coinmarketcap rating, its turnover is at an average level. KOSS provides an over-the-counter trading platform and news service. It also has its own COS token. There are a lot of reviews on the web about, and they are seriously different. Therefore, we decided to make a detailed review of the cryptocurrency exchange, consider its functionality and understand the opinions of users about the company. Overview of the site “KOSS” There is no Russian-language version on the site, so the company is not very popular in the CIS countries. On the main page, COSS advertises its own token and commission in favor of traders. There are six items in the top menu: “Cryptocurrency Exchange”; public api; “Commissions”; “Entrance”; “Registration”; “Language Selection”.

COSS — Review
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  1. My wife and I are based in the UK and wanted to have a gamble with spare change on buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

    We use because in our opinion we find their customer support great and the exchange quick to load and easy to use.

    Since has merged with lala world there are planned new improvements to the exchange such as a new website, fiat gateways; things are just going to improve on this platform (in our view).

    Worth a look,if like us you are happy to have a gamble and invest in crypto.

  2. They are a scam.
    Someone needs to file a lawsuit against this exchange to stop them screwing more people.

  3. Had traded at COSS exchange since it opened shop and never once had I believed that Rune would one day scam us all. Now all my cryptos with COSS are in their “audit” mode – which means little or no chance of returning back to me 🙁

  4. I lost a lot trading with a scam crypto broker that Intend to give a better profit in return. I lost my funds to this platform and I was terribly angry. I had to make a report to a crypto expert called Mrs Lisa Eric. After my report to her, I was able to recover $28,500 from them with the guidance of Lisa Eric a recovery expert. Reach out to Lisa for assistance into a better trade and how to recover from previous loses and avoid trade lose.
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