Official website: https://exbi.trade/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/exbi_trade
Telegram: https://t.me/exbi_trade_ru

About company

EXBI is a token sale platform that gives users the opportunity to access promising Web3 projects in the early stages of development.
Investments in promising Web3 projects
Proven Web3 projects you can trust. Supported by industry-leading creators and foundations.
Our advantages
Innovation, safety and comfort.
Selection of promising projects
We carefully analyze and select the most innovative crypto startups to lead you to success.
Safety and reliability
We pay special attention to protecting your funds and data using advanced encryption technologies.
Community support
Connect with like-minded people, share experiences and get advice from experts in our vibrant investor community.

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  1. A real scammer. I made an order for a telephone, a plasma TV. I paid, as they should with an advance payment. Now no one answers the calls. There is no phone, no TV, and of course no money. Complete deception. Do not believe for good reviews. Scammers!!!

  2. Exbi.ru are definitely scammers. But tomorrow they will be under a different name. Therefore, it makes no sense to write specifically about them. Beware of transfers to cards of individuals. Draw up a contract when buying.

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