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Huobi — Review
1.2 based on 9 reviews

9 reviews to “Huobi — Review”

  1. Yo they let you deposit, then try some SNAKEY kyc bs on you before they let you withdraw. I didnt even KYC i joined the telegram and kicked off and joined lived chat and kicked off.

    the live chat just says “please check back later” to questions like “is anyone even responding?”

    The telegram is your best bet if you’ve found yourself being robbed by these guys.

    best of luck.

    I threatened them with with HMRC, the SEC, and the international financial onbudsman (which is obviously all bs)

    I got my BTC back and im never logging into that shady exchange again.

  2. THIS IS A SCAM EXCHANGE….. Do not deposit your money in this exchange…. i personally create an account on trust pilot to let others know that this exchange is FRAUD…. SCAM SCAM SCAM I DEPOSITED 100K USD WORTH OF HOT COIN in this exchange but they telling me that they can’t help me…… to receive my deposit DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IN THIS HUOBI EXCHANGE

  3. I find out the hard way that on huobi futures, trigger order doesn’t necessarily provide you 100% guarantee that your trigger order (either take profit or stop loss) will go through. If the market suddenly has a fluctuation with huge price movement, your triggered order will get triggered but if no buyer price is matched it will be parked under limit order. (eg. In a short position, you placed a trigger stop loss at $10 but due to sudden spike of price movement from $8 to $15, your trigger order will be triggered but due to the sudden spike of price and there wasn’t enough of buyer at $10 against the amount of seller. Thus huobi future will automatically park your triggered order under limit order of $10 but the price has already way went past up to $15, causing unnecessary lose of extra $5.) Contact customer service all they can say or repeat is that huobi cant guarantee 100% of the orders and not providing a solution that can help. Basically if youre doing futures on Huobi, i guess you just have to look at the price movement 24/07. At least have a system where if my $10 trigger order cant be match, match it on the next best bid price.

  4. THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I am a new customer and deposited some USDT to the HUOBI’s exchange wallet which never arrived. It has been 2 weeks and they are keep asking me to make videos of the records. I have sent over 3 videos and snapshots of all the transfer information. They still keep asking me to make more videos. It is insane that they cant simply see the transaction hash and confirm that the deposit did not arrive to the exchange wallet. Terrible terrible service. Lets hope my USDT either gets deposited to my account or gets returned. But, I dont think after their this much drama I can recommend the exchange. I shall update the review once the issue is resolved otherwise another review on all platforms.

  5. Cant get access to my EUR deposit since three weeks. Support team is useless just keep telling me to be patient. Dont trust Huobi and choose other platform

    No one in this platform can withdraw his assets you are bloked
    If you have Crypto is just like in virtual
    I told the support about my withdraw, no one answer since septembre 2020 i write 19 message no one answer BUT WHERE IS GOOGLEPLAY and APPSTORE to let SCAMMER LIKE THAT Pik our money !!!

  7. Signed up for the bonus of 20,000 shib but can’t seem to access it in my wallet or see where my assets held, think its a fake way of getting you to just buy in there exchange, anybody else managed to receive there’s without completing the 3 tasks

  8. i download virus on my pc using torrent. and found my self been remote controle . my chrome open and new tap of this site open try to log in and buy crypto from this site it scam

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