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Cryptocurrency exchange Mercatox has taken a serious position in the market of electronic currencies. Its creators offer traders to try favorable trading conditions, an author’s affiliate program and a wide range of coins. To better understand who we are dealing with, we suggest doing a thorough review of the official website of the exchange and studying the reviews of merchants. Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange The Mercatox exchange successfully combines a platform for making various payments, a currency exchanger with a P2P structure (smart smart contracts) and a trading terminal. The company has been operating since 2015. The developers of a young but ambitious organization have set themselves the goal of a universal financial service that will have no analogues.

Mercatox — Review
1.3 based on 6 reviews

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  1. The main disadvantage, which crosses out most of the small pluses, is the fact that when withdrawing more or less large amounts, you may encounter a situation where you will wait for your hard-earned money for months. At the same time, the support does not even bother to answer. This has already been written about many times.

  2. I withdrew a large amount of XRB coins and they said the transaction was paid/completed, but I never received the coins in my external wallet or saw this transaction pending on the blockchain. They literally steal money from people

  3. unreasonable bans in the chat, there is still a problem with logging into the site and frequently logging out of the personal account. and there are still a very small number of reviews, the company has been on the market for so long, and opinions about it are some kind of unfortunate zhmenka.

  4. I want to make an advice
    Do not trade with platform you don’t know much about and even if you are sure of it don’t trade more than you can afford to loss.
    I lost a lot trading with a scam crypto broker that Intend to give a better profit in return. I lost my funds to this platform and I was terribly angry. I had to make a report to a crypto expert called Mrs Lisa Eric. After my report to her, I was able to recover $28,500 from them with the guidance of Lisa Eric a recovery expert. Reach out to Lisa for assistance into a better trade and how to recover from previous loses and avoid trade lose.
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    Mail address [email protected]

  5. Do away with this platform I was a victim to they deceived me and made me deposit so much to them thanks for helping with my refunds I could have been bankrupt by now. Or WhatsApp +84 9 4767 1 524.

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