Munro Financial Planners — Review


Phone: +442081573800

Address: 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Munro Financial Planners Limited has been providing online trading services for currencies, commodities, stocks and CFDs since 2012 for traders of different countries. Our company’s goal is to provide the most competitive service for customers from all over the World. We are constantly working on developing our products and providing the best conditions for traders while observing all strict financial rules. The company aims to provide clients with tools for permanent self-development and invests in support, training and analytical tools.

Munro Financial Planners — Review
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  1. an unscrupulous project, the main goal of which is its own enrichment, and not the work of a brokerage firm in the market. And they are quite successful at it. There are already the first victims, according to reviews on the network, who have contributed money and cannot withdraw anything from the project.

  2. Now almost daily there are new brokers offering the best conditions on the market. But they only work for a very short time and often simply disappear with clients’ money. It is worth choosing a company to start cooperation by conducting a thorough analysis and studying the reviews of other people about the project.
    Participation in such an association is voluntary, while the company pays a fee, but it is difficult to call such guarantees reliable, since numerous projects can receive such licenses for a period of one year, and it is not clear whether someone will actually investigate and return money to customers. The condition for compensation is the identification of violations by the broker, but after all, many aspects of work can be assessed in two ways and violations must still be proven, and almost all brokers state in their agreements that they are not responsible for all errors, emergency situations, etc.
    -The license is not from a state organization, but only completely unclear from where the non-profit firm came from.
    -At the indicated address 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, UK – THERE IS NO SUCH COMPANY PHYSICALLY!
    -In general, the conditions are similar to those offered by most similar projects on the network, and there is a feeling that the creators simply copy them from each other.
    -There is a phone number, e-mail and a feedback form for communication, but such options do not prevent companies from disappearing without a trace on the Internet and stop responding.

  3. Reviews about Munro Financial Planners Limited are mostly extremely negative and this is not a surprise. People say that they lost a lot of money by investing in the project. Most people say that they bought cryptocurrencies on favorable terms, with discounts and promotions, but they simply could not withdraw their money after receiving tangible profits and increasing the price of the crypt. Representatives of the project refer to hitches and problems in the system, they ask to wait, but the result is always the same, people simply lose their money invested. It is worth noting that the number of negative reviews significantly exceeds the positive stories about big earnings.
    Also, there are big doubts about the registration and obtaining a license from the regulator, which itself has extremely low ratings of its activities from users. I recommend looking for projects with a more reliable reputation in the brokerage market.

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