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Cryptocurrencies are catching up with classical trading instruments by leaps and bounds, and in some cases they are already overtaking them. More and more traders are leaning towards the new economy. This is confirmed by the capitalization of some coins, which has overtaken most of the standard assets. However, as in the classical markets, one of the main factors for successful trading is considered to be a competent choice of a trading platform. In this article, we will review the Dcoin cryptocurrency exchange. Let’s try to figure out if dcoin.com can be trusted. Overview The Dcoin cryptocurrency exchange was launched in August 2018. This site was developed by crypto enthusiasts who decided to remain anonymous. It is only known that they previously worked for Google, Baidu and other world-famous IT giants.

Dcoin — Review
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  1. Dcoin is a Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange project built on the blockchain infrastructure.
    A total of three languages are supported in Dcoin.
    Three fiat currencies are listed on Dcoin. This exchange has a total of 160 trading pairs. You can contact customer service for live support. The stock exchange can be used on both desktop web browsers and mobile devices without any problem. The amount of liquidity in the stock market is surprisingly good.
    The best part of the Dcoin exchange is that when you enter the website, the tutorial video section is available.
    Although Dcoin is small compared to many crypto exchange sites, the number of companies it cooperates with is quite high and these are very famous and big companies. These;
    Coinmarketcap, Coinhills, CoinGecko, Feixiaohao, Crypto Valley, COINVOICE, NEIRONIX, COAIN NEWS, CHAIN ??BRIDGE, hashcr, BitDATA, Crypto Potential, NT BLOCK, TOKEN POST, JrCrypto, BeCrypto, CollinStar, PingStone Company, Airdrop Gazua, Blockchain Company, Xangle , aSSIST, 499 Block, Naver, Century Whale, COIN FORCE, SOSOLX, Coin Codex, Cashierest.
    Some Dcoin exchange users share videos about their accounts being frozen, I have no information on this. I have been using this exchange for years and have not had any problems, but I keep low-level cryptocurrencies on the Dcoin exchange.

  2. Dcoin is a cryptocurrency and derivatives exchange headquartered in Switzerland. Founded in 2018, this company was founded by a group of experts and experienced people in the field of bitcoin and stock exchange. These people have established a system that is almost perfect.
    Dcoin uses the Blockchain infrastructure.
    Although most stock exchange companies have security problems, it is quite satisfactory in terms of security that Dcoin gives its users the authorization of transactions after multiple authentication. Although Dcoin is slightly smaller than other cryptocurrency exchange sites, the companies it has agreements with are strong companies that have a worldwide reputation. Another good application used for security is a compatible and reliable wallet application.
    In addition, it is very good that you can connect to the live support team and get instant help when you have the slightest problem.
    One of the reasons I prefer Dcoin is that it uses more than one cryptocurrency.
    As a Dcoin user, I can say this: I did not encounter any problems with your accounts freezing or other.

  3. I tried them and lost $150 by the next day. I sent the minimum to check it out and it was extremely quick so I sent more & it never showed up. I tried to use the customer service chat but you need to enter your info first & it won’t allow me because it refuses to accept my phone number is correct. I’m hoping that THIS will get someone’s attention & I get my ETH back. If not, I’m taking out my crypto & uninstalling, then reporting them.

  4. Sent Coins and it never arrived. I would not recommend this to anyone. I tried it twice, never have I had an exchange where this happened to me. This is upsetting and a complete waste of time. I would have wanted to give this a shot but I would never touch this exchange again after my experience. Their customer support is non-existent as well. You can try contacting them but you would not get anyone attending to your specific case… Binance really is the better exchange out there. These ones are secondary to be honest. I simply wanted to exchange a coin that was not listed in binance, not to have it lost when transferred from my previous wallet to here.

  5. DCoin is very questionable with their deposits and withdrawals policy. For excample, the min ETH to deposit is 0.05 and max to withdraw is 0.1. However, they will not credit your account nor refund your funds if you happen to make mistake and send below 0.05 ETH. “The minimum deposit amount is 0.05 ETH, deposit less than the minimum amount will not be accounted for and cannot be sent back.” This goes for most of their coins, so don’t be caught a victim of DCOIN because you’ll never get your funds back. Policies like that are truly unethical. There are many other exchange that are far better than DCOIN with exceptional customer service as theres is not 24/7 and their csr’s are rude to chat with.

  6. I want to make an advice
    Do not trade with platform you don’t know much about and even if you are sure of it don’t trade more than you can afford to loss.
    I lost a lot trading with a scam crypto broker that Intend to give a better profit in return. I lost my funds to this platform and I was terribly angry. I had to make a report to a crypto expert called Mrs Lisa Eric. After my report to her, I was able to recover $28,500 from them with the guidance of Lisa Eric a recovery expert. Reach out to Lisa for assistance into a better trade and how to recover from previous loses and avoid trade lose.
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